Saturday, November 27, 2010

Return of the Ricciardi

Today I drove the Ricciardi for the first time in five years or more. A friend gave me a lift out to Hugh's workshop, and I drove it back, worrying at first about the impending rain, and then about all the little things I kept noticing with the car.

Ricciardi and owner in younger days

Amazingly, it's more or less as I remember it from five years ago. Right down to the speedo, which Hugh had fixed but which broke again before I collected the car. Engine felt good, gear shift positive but overly firm (must extend the lever). Brakes aren't quite right though - booster problem I think, as pedal stays firm but engagement point is a little variable.

Back from storage

Car is still too harsh over bumps. Convinced now that the shocks are set too firm, and possibly springs are on the way out as well. Tyres have plenty of tread, but are now at least 12 years old, so time for some replacements.

Auxilliary fan has packed up - must check fuse.

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